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The following are questions we have received the most of throughout the years, but we will continue to add to this section.

Q: Is your company out of Phoenix Arizona?
A: No, our corporate headquarters and facilities are based and located in Tacoma, Washington. We named our company Phoenix after the Egyptian mythological Fire Bird, Phoenix.

The myth explains that at the end of the phoenix bird's lifecycle, it sets its nest on fire and a new phoenix bird rises front the ashes. This symbolized immortality and resurrection. For our company, this represents our recycling processes. Generating quality products from used products that have reached the end of their lifecycles.

Q: What is your service range?
A: Mainly Washington, Oregon, and Idaho

Q: Is antifreeze a hazardous waste?
A: Not if it is recycled. Phoenix recycles spent antifreeze at its Tacoma facility.

Q: Are you insured:
A: Yes, we have general liability, contractors’ pollution and site pollution. Both facilities are fully insured and have met approval through Washington State Department of Ecology.

Q: Are you affiliated with Emerald Services in any way?
A: No

Q: Where do I get information for my annual dangerous waste report to Washington State Department of Ecology?
A: Ecology Website www.ecy.wa.gov -Phoenix will assist our customers in any way we can.

Q: Do you recycle aluminum cans?
A: Phoenix has a niche in the recycling of automotive and industrial wastes; this is where we put our focus and expertise. We can handle some universal waste but we do not handle garbage or trash type waste streams.

Q: Can you help to provide stromwater maintenance for NPDES permits?
A: YES! Phoenix has programs with stormwater NPDES maintenance and compliance. Please contact us for details.


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