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Phoenix Non-Chlorinated Brake Clean
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  Phoenix Environmental can help to keep your shop chlorinate free! We offer a Non-Chlorinated Brake Clean that really works! Save $$ and clutter by purchasing our brake clean in bulk and dispensing it into sure shot sprayers!

Why do you want to keep chlorinated products out of your shop??

Excerpt from Washington State Department of Ecology Publication # 92-107:

"Chlorinated Solvents include methylene chloride, 1,1,1, trichloroethane and perchloroethylene. These constituents are found in a variety of automotive cleaning and service products. Chlorinated solvents have been associated with a variety of serious health threats. Further they are persistent in the environment meaning they are slow to degrade.

Spent solvents containing these materials are hazardous wastes. When non-hazardous materials like waste oil are contaminated with these solvents, even at very low concentrations (less than 1%) they too become a hazardous waste. This can result in costly waste disposal bills."

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